Easy Fried Zucchini(Cousa): Korean homemade recipe

koreanzucchiniI have a fresh Korean zucchini (or Japanese zucchini or just zucchini or Cousa–one of my friend Amanda gave the real name of this.) and only 15 minutes to cook. Here is my recipe for you! It is so easy and simple to cook and you will taste Korean homemade food. (if you have just regular zucchini or a squash, it is also perfect to cook.) Follow my recipe!

fried zucchini

Ingredients: one zucchini, two eggs, flour, salt, pepper


cutzucchini 1. Cut the zucchini like the image. It shouldn’t be too thick.

flour-egg-zucchini 2. Prepare some flour on a flat plate and beat two eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper.

flour 3. Cover with flour lightly.

egg 4. Dip in the egg.

fry 5. Heat up the pan and add some oil. And fry. It isn’t deep fry.

browncolorfry 6. Fry until the color becomes brown both side. You should add more oil when you fry more piece of zucchini.

And it is done. You can also dip it in some soy source if you like. But it is so great to eat with rice or just itself.

I hope you can enjoy it! :)

Do you want to know how this is called in Korean?

It is “Hobackjun” 호박전. can you read this? this is 호박전!

* You cannot find the Korean zucchini in Giant or some grocery shop? No wonder. I buy this Korean zucchini only in Korean market such as H-mart or Lotte Plaza in Maryland.

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2 Responses to “Easy Fried Zucchini(Cousa): Korean homemade recipe”
  1. Amanda says:

    I grow that kind of squash! We call it “Cousa” and the bossman says it’s middle-eastern. Very tasty. I fried up some green tomatoes last week, and ate TONS of fried zukes in Greece — can’t wait to try this!

  2. Mi-Young says:

    Oh I’m so glad that it has English name! Cousa! I really love this. This is also main ingredient for Bibimbop.
    I hope you will enjoy Hobackjun!

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